SB-PRO to play two away games

On saturday SB-PRO will travel to Lappeenranta to face NST. This will be a very hard game, cause NST holds the second position in the league, Pro is third. The teams played once before this season. That game was tight ending 4-3 to SB-PRO. Our team must be ready to fight for every inch.

Who to follow?

SB-PRO has real stars on the roster. Elina and Karoliina Kujala are two players that allways make something happen. The other two players that must be mentioned are Laura and Mirja Hietamäki, these two players get points!


On sunday we will play versus JOKA in Joutseno. The last time Pro met them the final score was 12-3 to Pro.  So it should not be too hard of a game, bur one should allways take great care with these games.

Juho Kojima